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Erich Heckel

"Hagebutten (Rose-Hips)", 1961

Watercolour on paper

65 x 49,7 cm / framed 97 x 82 cm  ″

Signed, dated, titled bottom right "Heckel 61 Hagebutten"

- with craftsman's frame and UV absorbing, non-reflective glass -

N 9287

About the work

The theme of floral stilllife assumed a central place in the oeuvre of Erich Heckel. Throughout his life he engaged in silent dialogue with the things surrounding him within his own private and domestic sphere. In the subject of flowers and plants Heckel found the inspiration to explore compositional and formal ideas. Despite being executed in the rapid, easy-to-apply medium of watercolour, the representations are always meticulously arranged. This present work features a sprig of rose-hips rising up from a bulbous vase against the backdrop of a reddish-coloured wall, adorned with an ornamental table cloth. With its lucid and open pictorial order, the composition is possessed of a beguiling simplicity and tranquil harmony. Intriguing contrasts are created in the interplay between the two dimensionality of the background and the pictorial space and the plasticity of the vase. Viewed from this close-up perspective, the subject effectively obscures the surrounding space and thus betrays no clues as to the location - which is, in fact, in Heckel's studio in the village of Hemmenhofen on Lake Constance, where he worked in his newly-built house from 1954 onwards. Created in 1961, this work is among the very last paintings with the artist's total oeuvre, which found its conclusion in the 1968 watercolours.
(Andreas Gabelmann)

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