Experienced - Seen - Painted


07.09.2018 — 03.01.2019

Featuring works by
Otto Modersohn · Christian Modersohn · Walter Bertelsmann · Lisel Oppel · Fritz Overbeck · Udo Peters

The exhibition catalogue spanning 56 pages, featuring 26 colour plates and contributions by Dr. Andrea Fink, Dr. Andreas Gabelmann, Dr. Doris Hansmann, Antje Modersohn, Dr. Eva Müller-Remmert, Christa Neher and Rainer Noeres, is available within Europe for 15 euro, incl. postage.

An unknown swathe of land in the Plains of Lower-Saxony, a small village with a church, a scattering of cottages and farmyards, and an earnest, hard-working populace - that is Worpswede, until in the 1880s a handful of passionate young painters, on a romantic quest for a rural idyll, found their way there. They had succumbed to the magic of the landscape, the luxuriant hues of  the Devil's Moor, the verdant meadows and fields, the gnarled birch trees, the arrow-straight moor canals, the billowing black-brown sails of the peat barges and the towering clouds sweeping across the open countryside. Their epochal works and their symbiosis of art and life made history, and together these ambitious landscape painters and legendary artist couples - Fritz Mackensen, Hans am Ende, Otto Modersohn and Paula Modersohn-Becker, Heinrich and Martha Vogeler, Fritz Overbeck and Hermine Rohte and the sculptor Clara Rilke-Westhoff - established the fame of the artists' colony. In their wake followed further artists, who went on to consolidate the mythical status of Worpswede, which continues to exercise an unbroken fascination to the present day.
On display in "Experienced - Seen - Painted" are a selection of highly accomplished drawings and paintings from across three generations of art from Worpsweder and Fischerhuder. Spanning the years 1901 until 1976, these works showcase the earth-coloured vistas of the Devil's Moor, the shimmering light of an impressionist-inflected palette and the expressive tendencies of the later years.
Otto Modersohn and Fritz Overbeck as founding fathers, Lisel Oppel, Udo Peters and Walter Bertelsmann as protagonists of the second generation, and ultimately Christian Modersohn, who guided the artistic legacy of his father into the 1970s, are introduced with a varied selection of representative works. Depictions of the moor and its inhabitants, the lantern children bathed in the magical glow of the brightly-coloured lampions, exquisite, chromatically-nuanced still lifes from Otto Modersohn's late phase, together with the atmospheric ambience of the watercolours of the Wümme landscape captured in the light of the dawn or dusk, immerse the viewer in the myriad motifs of the Worpsweder region - across the changing times of day and passing of the seasons.
(Doris Hansmann)

Featuring works by
Otto Modersohn · Christian Modersohn · Walter Bertelsmann · Lisel Oppel · Fritz Overbeck · Udo Peters

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