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Heinz Mack

"Ohne Titel - Chromatische Konstellation (Untitled - Chromatic Constellation)", 2018

Acrylic on canvas

92 x 121,5 cm / framed 96 x 125 cm  ″

Signed, dated bottom left "mack 18"
Signed reverso on the canvas at the top left "mack 18"

- with studio frame -

N 9400

About the work

Following a break from painting between 1968 and 1991, in which Heinz Mack dedicated himself exclusively to sculpture, he once again began to work with brushes and pastel chalk in the early 1990s. To the present day, his works are characterised by the immense power of colour and expression. Heinz Mack possesses an unstoppable urge to create. The sound of his colours is bright and friendly, fresh and lively. He has concentrated entirely on non-figurative representations. In order to show the power of expression of the colour itself and to appreciate it, he works with a geometric vocabulary of form.
The Chromatic Constellation from 2018 is characterised by the bars of 16 pastel-coloured squares positioned centrally, which lie next to one another in two rows of 8 forms each. The grey ground guides the entire composition toward a quiet mood despite the varied and colourfully designed centre. This multi-faceted composition is accentuated by the two small squares at the bottom and top edges of the painting. Interestingly, these two squares are not placed directly opposite one another, but are instead positioned slightly offset. This leads to a slight irritation in the eye of the beholder. The artist consciously recaptures the attention of the viewer again and again with this special compositional feature. This work thus fascinates equally due to this unique tension and thanks to the centre, which has been calmed in terms of colour and composition.
(Andrea Fink)

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