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Heinz Mack

"Farben im Spiegel (Colours in the Mirror)", 2001

Acrylic on canvas

70 x 50 cm / framed 72 x 52 cm  ″

Signed bottom right, dated "mack 02"
Signed top left, dated, entitled "mack 2001/02 "Farbe im Spiegel" "

- with studio frame -

N 9401

About the work

While the more recent works of Heinz Mack convince with their loosely woven area structure of colours transitioning into one another, the older works, particularly those in acrylic on canvas, tread a different, no less charming path. Their bearing is characterised by a certain formal coherence. Shades of a single colour spectrum not uncommonly dominate the painting – finely nuanced and subtly graduated in clearly delineated areas, interlocking with one another at their edges with animated brushstrokes and punctuated by small insertions of a different colouring, which enters into an exciting dialogue with the ground colour. It is squares and rectangles, triangles and rhombuses that define Mack’s non-representational paintings, forms that are reminiscent of his sculpture from a distance and at the same time achieve a sense of urgency in their two-dimensionality that is in no way inferior to that of the sculpture.
As is the case here, in a painting from the year 2001 with the associative title Farben im Spiegel (Colours in the Mirror). Here, Heinz Mack allows his colours to speak, gives them space to develop, while the form provides them with structure and a foothold without distracting from them. “The colours are an expression of the soul”, Heinz Mack confides, “whereas the forms express the spiritual.
(Doris Hansmann)

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