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Ewerdt Hilgemann

"HP Column", 2016

Polished stainless steel

51 x 21 x 18 cm  ″

Monogrammed, dated, inscribed on base
"H. 160710 (2016 Juli Werk Nr.10)"

N 9237

19,200 EURO

About the work

Ewerdt Hilgemann has garnered international acclaim for his implosions of geometric hollow–bodies made of stainless steel. Even his earlier pieces were based on systematic, experimental versions of simple geometric forms, in which physical laws always played a significant role. In this present work "HP Column", the artist also deploys the forces acting on a vacuum as his form–finding process. Hilgemann's monumental prototypes consist of stable, carefully–wrought stainless steel. Their self–generated transformation is no sudden event, but a gradual, yet powerful metamorphosis. The end product is a physically impressive object of mesmeric presence, which unequivocally mediates the elemental forces required to trigger its implosion.
Of an elegance and lightness, this present piece reveals a unique and charismatic individual. In contrast to Hilgemann's previous implosions made of satin–finished steel, this highly polished work is possessed of a very different aura. Rather than exerting a massive presence, previously accentuated by the dull surface, "HP Column" exudes a luminous lightness. The surface appears to dissolve into light and air, and into the immediate surroundings, which it reflects. It seems even as if the boundless object continues to respire, radiating an ethereal weightlessness.
(Eva Müller–Remmert)

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