Heinz Mack

"Ohne Titel - Chromatische Konstellation (Untitled - Chromatic Constellation)", 2017

Acrylic on cardboard

42,5 x 60 x 3 cm / framed 43 x 61 x 3 cm  ″

Signed and dated bottom right "Mack 17"

- with frame painted by the artist -

N 9297

About the work

A co-founder of the artists' movement ZERO, which was launched in Düsseldorf in 1957, the sculptor, painter and philosopher Heinz Mack (born in 1931) ranks together with Otto Piene und Günther Uecke as among Europe's most prominent and successful exponents of this modern European art trend. The arbitrarily chosen title "Zero" implies a zone of silence, concentration and meditation, in which to explore the possibility of forging a radical new beginning, extending  beyond conventional concepts of art. Characteristic of this movement was the intensive pre-occupation with the expressive factor of light, kinetic motion and spatial structures which can be melded together to form a harmonious entity. The traditional significance of the artistic devices of colour, form and surface were interrogated and explored, and given a radical new dimension.
Thus the exploration of light energies in their interaction with motion and reflections across surfaces and space was elevated to one of the primary intentions in the art of Heinz Mack. After taking a creative break from painting between 1968 and 1991, during which he devoted himself exclusively to sculpture, Mack returned to working with brush and coloured chalk on cardboard and canvas in the early 90s. And his great passion and energy has remained undiminished until the present day. Since then he has been crafting series of partly large-format paintings and works on paper, which Mack himself has dubbed "Chromatic Constellations". Borrowed from the discipline of music, the term chromatic refers to the "re-colouring” of shades or tones of colour, which can be raised or lowered by a “semi-tone”. Thus already incorporated within this theoretical model, the factor colour has furnished Mack with the inspiration for the subtitle of this cycle. His visual translation of the musical chromatics into abstract painting generates a rhythmic sequence of colour tones, which are redolent of the prismatic refraction of light in space. In their interplay with the shimmering semi-transparent layers of paint, the radiant colours set into motion a dynamic and emotionally-charged energy, which radiates out from the interior of this pictorial creation.
(Andreas Gabelmann)

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